Wood frame construction

Wood frame construction
Wood frame construction

What is typical of wood frame construction are the multiple layers of the components used in the superstructure parts. Each layer is assigned a specific function depending on its technical qualities:

  • Frame: horizontal and vertical load transfer
  • Planking inside and outside: reinforcement and functional layer (fire protection, air- and windproof sealing, possibly weather protection)
  • Insulation in cavities: thermal insulation, soundproofing and fire protection

Development of wood frame technology

Wood frame construction is a technology that has been reimported from North America, where it developed from the traditional half-timbered construction of European immigrants. 90% of all detached family homes are constructed in this manner. But it can also be used for large projects of up to seven storeys (2009 saw a 7-storey building erected in Berlin)

Wood frame construction in Western Europe developed primarily on the initiative of the German carpentry industry in the 1980s.

Permeable wood frame construction

In the 1990s permeable wood frame construction developed as a variation of wood frame construction. Today it represents the standard in wood frame buildings. The bracing wooden sheets on the interior of the load-bearing wood frame are arranged in such a way that they also form an airtight vapour barrier. This means that there is no need for a dedicated vapour barrier on the interior. This type of construction is particularly resistant to the undesired effects of moisture thanks to its dehumidifying behaviour (greater airtightness inside than outside).

Timber construction – a method of building for the future

Preventive chemical wood protection is not required according to DIN 68 800. The timber industry has taken account of the requirements of modern timber construction for example by developing standardised, quality-monitored wood products such as solid structural timber (KVH). Substantiated scientific support through academic research ensures that timber construction is a method of building for the future.*

* Quelle : Infomationsdienst Holz - holzbau handbuch - Reihe 1 - Teil 1 - Folge 7

Wood frame construction
Wood frame construction
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