Supporting & protecting vines

For table grapes or wine-making grapes, steep slopes or level surfaces, low- or high-trained vines,...

DURAPost Vine posts should have a long useful life, be sturdy and elastic, in particular, when, e.g. grapes are to be harvested by machine. Low maintenance requirements and low soil impact are essential.

Our support solutions can be adjusted to meet the needs of planting density, the surface and the plant training system.

Post impregnation

There are three possible solutions depending on the area of application:

Creosote impregnation along the entire length of the post is not recommended.

Choice of wood

We recommend the following types of wood for sloping and level vineyards:


Spruce is the recommended raw material for expertly stripped posts. Spruce posts are more attractive, straighter and more resistant since they have fewer knots.

Spruce is available in sufficient quantities in our region thanks to favourable climatic conditions.


Pine is the best choice for milled posts since the proportion of sapwood to be impregnated is higher with this type of wood. Pine also splits less and withstands extreme temperature fluctuations better. However, it is harder to find large quantities of pine and it is generally more expensive.