Climate protection & sustainability

The use of wood as a building material with its special application in wood frame construction makes a valuable contribution to preventing lasting damage to our eco-system.

No CO² emissions - energy saving processing

The use of wood means that a construction material is deployed which releases no additional carbon dioxide (CO²) into the atmosphere. During its long useful life wood used for building acts as a carbon store.

Most of the components can be obtained without recourse to energy-intensive processing and the buildings can be produced within a short construction period with the limited use of mechanical equipment.

Flexible use and sustainable forest management

Buildings can be used flexibly and converted without great effort. It is possible to reuse system building components without consuming energy. And at the end of the process the wood can be used to generate thermal energy.

The wood used by Peter Müller GmbH comes from forests managed in accordance with the principle of sustainability, which means that no more wood is harvested than can grow again.


Wood is the building material of the future.