Pleasant & healthy interior climate

Pleasant climate

Good thermal insulation characteristics of the building fabric are the essential precondition for a healthy ambient climate in both winter and summer.

The especially warm interior surfaces of the external structural elements in a wood frame structure create a pleasant ambient climate in the cold season even at low room temperatures. The well-insulated structural elements have high thermal resistance and thus in summer delay the flow of heat from warm exterior surface
to the cooler interior surface. This prevents rooms from overheating.

Efficient insulation materials

The use of insulation materials such as wood fibre or cellulose provide excellent thermal protection especially in summer since these insulation materials have a high specific thermal capacity.

No chance for mould

Expertly designed and constructed timber structures are never mentioned in discussions about mould fungus. And there are good reasons for this:

Mould can only develop when fairly humid air meets a low-temperature surface. However, such low surface temperatures do not generally occur in wood frame structures. There is therefore no risk of condensation forming for normal roof and wall constructions under normal conditions of use.

The prerequisite for this is competent planning of airtight insulation and its professional and careful installation.