Professional Clients

Professional Clients
Professional Clients

Wood machining for third parties

As under-treatment for wood machining, Peter Müller works for many professionals in the sector of building and construction. Our services are not limited by wood machining: from the 3D design of your project to delivery on the building site, going through tests of the static and impregnation, we remain firmly by you every step of the way.

We know to what extent flexibility is important in the eyes of entrepreneurs. This is why you could choose from our services offered à la carte and depending on specific requirements of your request.  Together we examine your current needs and finalize the details of the delivery. Respecting the latter constitutes the true backbone of our enterprise.

Our services

Reliability, professionalism, quality

It has been more than 4 decades now that our company works actively in the area of wood processing. From the start we haven’t stopped modernizing our infrastructure and improving our services in order to achieve our objective: client satisfaction. More that 300 projects of wood successfully completed each year, represent the concrete proof of our experience.

This experience is at your service thanks to our collaborators. During the whole project they offer advice and decide alongside you what solution would be most appropriate to apply.  Much more than just a simple subcontractor in the process of machining wood, we strive to establish a lasting partnership, founded on confidence and on the quality of the achieved work.

Our qualities

Our team of thoroughly dedicated professionals is at your disposal for any additional question or enquiry.

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