Part impregnation

Bath impregnation

For untreated or salt-impregnated wood

Part impregnation gives the lower part of a wooden post, i.e. the most exposed part, additional protection. This process is recommended where there is contact with the wood but where the posts must last a long time (viticulture, garden fences, horse rings,...).

Impregnation process exclusive to Peter Müller

  • The wood is placed vertically in the carrier trolley and lowered into the creosote.
  • The creosote is then heated. When the required temperature is reached, the creosote is kept at this heat for three hours.
  • The impregnation agent is allowed to cool to 50°C and the wood is removed from the agent.
  • The posts drain over a vat.

Due to external temperatures, the process takes longer in summer than in winter.

Technical data

  • Maximum 1m creosote
  • Maximum overall length 4.49m