Salt impregnation

Salt impregnation - Wood Impregnation
Salt impregnation - Wood Impregnation

Pressure impregnation for comprehensive impregnation

Impregnation with non-contaminating, chromium-free salts protects wood against fungus, mildew and insects without damaging the environment. Impregnation is characterised by the light-green colour of the wood.

Salt-impregnated wood is ideal for all applications where humans come into contact with the wood.

Peter Müller impregnation cycle for class 4 wood

  1. Vacuum: The air is extracted from the boiler. The vacuum causes the pores in the wood to open. The impregnation agent is then sucked into the boiler.
  2. Pressure process: The agent is pressed into the wood.
  3. Final vacuum: The agent is let out and the wood can drain.
  4. The wood is removed from the boiler and dries for a day indoors.

The fixing time can be reduced to 2-3 hours thanks to our hot-steam fast-fixing chamber.

>> Exclusive to Peter Müller: colour impregnation.

ATG impregnation certificate

On request we can provide you with an ATG impregnation certificate. The certificate is useful for sawmills that, for example, have to deliver to a building site. Architects and housebuilders very often only accept impregnated wood that is certified.