The beginning of the production of posts in Möderscheid began in a very modest fashion. Initial production was performed in a small barn in Möderscheid.
A stripping machine had to be purchased in order to be able to impregnate roundwood. At the same time the company also started to produce wooden fencing.


A small hall was built at Büllingerweg. It was a small 8 m x 3 m wood frame construction with an office, toilet, washbasin and break room.


At the time the wood was impregnated in Liège. Owing to the long delivery times, the decision was made in 1973 to build an impregnation plant in Möderscheid.


The premises had to be enlarged and a second stripping line purchased in order to keep up with demand. The private firm of Peter Müller now became the private limited company Peter Müller GmbH.


In the spring a new hall with a crane bridge was erected and a third stripping line purchased.


Since a large quantity of wood chips are produced in the stripping process, a hall and a pressure boiler were built together with an incineration plant for wood chips.


It became increasingly difficult to find dry wood for impregnation. It was decided to build two drying chambers and a second impregnation boiler on newly acquired land.


A milling line was set up owing to increasing demand for cylindrically milled wood.


A sorting plant for raw wood was built on new land. The stripping lines were automated and feeding was set up with a cross-conveyor and separator unit.


The construction of enclosure fencing began. A tractor with a pile-driver and a Jeep with a trailer were purchased.


The construction of a new hall with a basement floor was undertaken with the company Wüst.


The Hundegger machine was discovered on a trip. Wooden houses, gates, soundproof walls, complicated structures ... all this could be made with the machine. The Hundegger was purchased. The same year saw the first house built, a second in Arlon and an office floor in Barchon. Our enthusiasm for wood frame constructions was born.


The company moved into new, larger offices at the beginning of January.


The existing infrastructure was modernised through the acquisition of the new HUNDEGGER K2+ CNC-controlled joinery equipment.


The long-standing employees Kurt Faymonville & Gilbert Leyens took over the reins at Peter Müller GmbH on 27/01/2009.


A high-rack store for construction timber was built and customers acquired in other European countries (Switzerland, UK, ...).


Prospects for the future

Peter Müller today employs more than 25 people in production, assembly and customer service. We supply customers in more than 10 countries and the demand for sustainable building methods and high-quality wood products continues to grow.