wood - Ecology - Company
wood - Ecology - Company

If you depend on wood as a raw material...

... you should preserve its living environment.

Reusing wood chips in incinerator plants allows the entire potential of the wood to be exploited. We too only use "green power". Our power supplier produces all its energy from renewable sources. A collecting tank also allows the sensible recycling of water resources.

Sustainable building

We also want to make our contribution to a healthier living environment. This is why we specialise in the construction of low-energy and passive houses using wood frame construction techniques. These houses are not just good for the environment since they consume less energy, they are also save money in the face of rising energy prices.

The materials that we use are rigorously selected according to strict environmental criteria. Thus we only use OSB panels with formaldehyde-free binding agents (emission class 1) for house construction.

Impregnation yes, but not regardless of the method


Impregnation helps to conserve the natural resource of wood. Impregnated wood lasts longer and does not need replacing so often. This

  • conserves raw material resources
  • reduces CO2 emissions in production
  • saves energy in transport ...

We use only impregnation oils of the very highest quality such as class C creosote. Our impregnation process is designed to use these materials sensibly.