Wood Construction & Joinery

Peter Müller, your partner in wood construction and joinery

Whether you are a private or professional customer, let yourself be dazzled by the quality of our work and the personalized service from Peter Müller. Our collaborators offer their skills and knowledge to your service in order to finish every project within the expectations and the wishes of the client. Thanks to our modern machines and infrastructure, we work the wood with perfect precision. That way, during the assembling process, all parts fit perfectly together.

Whether it involves wood-framed houses, garden sheds, outbuildings for animals or vehicles – we make reality the project of your dreams. We offer personalized support to accompany you even after the completion of your project!

We would produce your project made to measure or you could use our standardized options.

How do we work?

We work exclusively with selected partners who are experts in their respective professional fields: carpentry, timber-frame houses or exterior fittings.



Study, drawing of plans and budgeting by our design office



Manufacturing of structures in our production centers.



Transport to the site, assembly and mounting by our partner.

Why choose Peter Müller?

  • A personalized and proactive service

    Choosing Peter Müller means going with a company that not only executes all requested work, but also takes the time to study together with you the best ways of further improving your project. Our services are adapted to your situation. If necessary, we could take the responsibility of measuring all on site, of preparing the plans and the assembly.

  • Experienced and competent advisers

    A certain trade mark of our competence and experience are the 300 projects realized by our company each year. Our partners put all their skills and knowledge in service for your project, in order to produce the wooden construction of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our main aim.

  • Work of quality

    Thanks to our modern machines and infrastructure, we deliver a quality job executed with extreme precision. During assembly, all parts fit perfectly to create a construction of both strength and endurance. Always aiming to satisfy you, we do not use anything else but raw material of the highest quality.

  • A large network of partnerships

    Throughout the years we built a large partnership network that will execute, if you so wish, all supplementary tasks to your building project: architects, research workshops, indoor and outdoor carpenters, etc. These companies have won us over thanks to the quality of their work, their dedication and their motivation. Of course, you could call on to the craftsmen of your own choice if you prefer.

  • A clear cost and budget framework and fully respected deadlines

    We know from experience that financial restrictions and keeping with deadlines are essential for our master craftsmen. We use your budget to its full advantage and will keep to all restrictions fixed in advance. Prior to the final stage of completion, we would fix a delivery deadline that we undertake to keep. If you so wish, some parts of your construction could be preassembled in our workshops in order to save precious time on site.

Arguments for wood

Why is wood the only answer?

With a wooden house from Peter Müller GmbH you are a huge step ahead of the times since the future belongs to energy-saving houses manufactured by skilled companies.

Wood, the intelligent building material

Wood is not just the right choice because it is a renewable raw material and means of CO2 storage. Wood, by its very "nature" offers significant constructional advantages:

  • Maximum stability with low weight
  • Humidity regulation thanks to the structure of its inner cell walls
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Optimum thermal insulation owing to the structure of its inner cell walls

Wood frame construction, the intelligent construction method

You can find more information on building with wood at www.infoholz.de

Climate protection & sustainability

The use of wood as a building material with its special application in wood frame construction makes a valuable contribution to preventing lasting damage to our eco-system.

No CO² emissions - energy saving processing

The use of wood means that a construction material is deployed which releases no additional carbon dioxide (CO²) into the atmosphere. During its long useful life wood used for building acts as a carbon store.

Most of the components can be obtained without recourse to energy-intensive processing and the buildings can be produced within a short construction period with the limited use of mechanical equipment.

Flexible use and sustainable forest management

Buildings can be used flexibly and converted without great effort. It is possible to reuse system building components without consuming energy. And at the end of the process the wood can be used to generate thermal energy.

The wood used by Peter Müller GmbH comes from forests managed in accordance with the principle of sustainability, which means that no more wood is harvested than can grow again.


Wood is the building material of the future.

Cost effectiveness & retention of value

... cost-effective, because it is fast, space-saving and dry ...

Since wall, ceiling and roof panels are prefabricated, the rain- and windproof building structure can be erected from the top edge of the basement ceiling in no time at all. The remaining finishing work can then be performed in a dry environment independent of the weather.

The economic benefit for the private housebuilder is the short period needed to finance both rented accommodation and the new construction.

Shorter construction times – thinner walls

What is important for investors are the shorter periods required for advance financing, faster marketing times and reliable completion dates. Besides shorter construction times another important facto to bear in mind is the 10 % lower floor space requirement for the exterior wall components compared with other systems of construction. And this with identical thermal insulation characteristics! This benefit is particularly significant in building zones where the price of land is high.

The risk of structural damage resulting from building moisture at the beginning of the property's useful life is largely eliminated thanks to the predominantly dry method of construction.

Retention of value

In valuations wood frame construction has been put on an even footing with other methods of construction by insurance companies and banks for a number of years. The reason for this is the obvious quality standard. This assured quality is also an important argument for public sources of finance that provide subsidies. Quality assessments document the value of verifiable performance when it comes to reselling the property.

A building erected as a wood frame construction today has an overall expected useful life of 80-100 years provided normal maintenance is assured. There is thus hardly any difference to conventional methods of solid construction.