Professional clients

Peter Müler supplies numerous factories with timber frames, support structures, trusses, joists and partition walls. Amongst our specialisms are wood machining, drawing of plans, pre-assembly, sale of wood and panels, delivery etc. Flexibility, strict adherence to deadlines and our rich plethora of various services are but a few of our qualities !

Why work with Peter Müller?

We are trying to create long-term partnerships with companies and craftsmen coming from carpentry and the building industry. Our ambition is to create a connection of mutual trust. With that help we would be able to accomplish our mutual aim: final satisfaction of the client.

  • Dedicated and competent employees

    Peter Müller counts on 25 multilingual and motivated employees. Each a true expert in their own field, they finish each request with care and rigor. They are regularly trained and re-trained in order to learn the most innovative techniques in carpentry.

  • More than 40 years of experience

    For more than 40 years now our company works in the transformation of pure wood. Each new project benefits from its experience. We know at the tip of our fingers the intricacies of our job and the capacity of our infrastructures. We work proactively and don’t hesitate to suggest ideas that would allow you to improve further your project.

  • Our machines and infrastructures

    Over more than 60 000 square metres Peter Müller spreads its very modern and sophisticated machines and infrastructures: autoclaves, drying and storage hangars, etc. We also own assembly tables and CNC controlled machines from Hundegger. The latter allow us to realize all work with absolute precision.

  • Flexibility

    We adapt our output to your needs. You may not have the time to measure or do the 3D drawings? We will. We listen to you and always look for the solution that would fit best your needs.

  • Attention to detail and reliability

    We know how much time deadlines weigh on your everyday work. Through our reliability we will convince you. Together we’ll organise the planning of your project. Respecting your timetable will be crucial for us.

  • We are proactive

    We think the way you think! We know well the surprises that can offer the building site. That is why all our assembly plans and models are printed in 3D and plastered. Your wooden parts are numbered and packaged logically, to make your work as easy as possible.