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At Peter Müller GmbH we will take the time required to provide detailed advice at our very first meeting. It is therefore advisable to arrange an appointment with us in advance.

We will explain the background to a wooden construction, provide the facts to rebut any prejudices and develop economic, technically persuasive solutions. Our illustrative models, photographs and film clips support the conversation and stimulate discussion. We will talk through our architectural plans with you and discuss your wishes and what we can offer.

On this basis you will obtain a detailed, individual offer without any obligation for you.

We will generally develop a structural concept and basic constructional proposals, presenting the costs and technical solutions in a transparent manner. At Peter Müller GmbH we concentrate on our core competence: timber construction. We can introduce you to competent partners who can perform additional work.

However, every housebuilder can choose to reduce the overall costs by working on the building themselves. We will be happy to provide advice and technical support and even supply the materials required.


Gilbert Leyens

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Gilbert Leyens

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