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DURAPost - Fruit-Growing - Posts for Orchards & Viticulture

DURAPost - Protecting & supporting orchards

From apples and pears or peaches to hops and even strawberries. Each method of cultivation requires its own methods of protection and support. We produce posts in all lengths and sizes for every type of fruit and every method of cultivation.

Durable hail protection for your orchard

Climatic conditions that are becoming extreme coupled with ever-increasing insurance premiums make the use of hail protection on fruit cultivation areas an absolute necessity. We can help you to securely protect your orchards from hail damage.

During the production process, we make all the efforts to guarantee the posts’ quality. We use an automatic timber sorting system. We only keep the timbers that suit our quality criteria and we classify them by diameter. Post the classification, the timbers are made to dry. To ensure the high quality of our products, all the timbers are dried in drying rooms. As a result, the drying period is drastically reduced compared to open air drying, and the drying is more even.

Support & protect with foot impregnation

We treat the entire post with salt and impregnate the foot of the post with creosote.

The creosote protects the lower part of the post, which is permanently surrounded by soil and moisture, from the risk of decay. Treating the upper part of the post with salt has proven to be effective as the netting tolerates this type of impregnation optimally. It extends the useful life of the netting and reduces maintenance costs.

Posts for fruit cultivation, in contrast to posts for vines, can be completely impregnated with creosote.

Post impregnation

There are four solutions to choose from depending on the area of application:

Fruit-Growing - Posts for Orchards & Viticulture
DURA Post - Fruit-Growing - Posts for Orchards & Viticulture