Fruit-growing: How to recognise a quality tree stake?

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The manufacture of wooden tree guards includes three main stages that determine the quality of the future product. These key stages must be developed carefully in order to optimise the lifespan of the wooden posts.

1.  A very meticulous selection

The choice of wood determines the quality of the future tree guard. Spruce is especially good for posts and tree guards. Situated at the heart of the Ardennes, the factory Peter Müller sources local wood, which avoids the long transportation from Eastern Europe.

Once in the factory, the wood is sorted following different criteria. First it is necessary to eliminate logs with irregular diameter or length and the logs that are not straight.

At Peter Müller we use an automated sorting system. It offers two main advantages:

  • We apply a precise sorting of wood according to diameter and length
  • We start production uniquely with logs that correspond to all our criteria and quality standards.

2.  Artificial drying: effective in all seasons

The process of drying is a key stage in the production of the tree post. When the wood arrives at the factory, its cells are engorged with water. The water disappears during the drying, which allows the treatment liquid to penetrate. It is therefore the quality of the drying process that determines the quality of impregnation.

The artificial drying technique, as applied at Peter Müller, offers multiple advantages. First of all, the drying time is greatly reduced: only a week is necessary, instead of several months in the open air. This allows therefore for increased reactivity and greater flexibility of our deliveries.

The artificial drying allows us as well to guarantee the quality of the wood poles throughout the year, because that way the factory becomes independent of the weather conditions.

3.  Choice of impregnation depending on the area of application

We distinguish two methods for the treatment of wood:

  • Pressure treatment: After positioning the tree guards in an autoclave, we create a vacuum that allows for the pores of the wood to open. The treatment product is injected under pressure and penetrates deeply into the wood. At the end we leave the wood to dry.
  • Treatment of the post’s foot by dipping: This treatment offers extra protection for the most sensitive part of the post, its foot. The wood is submerged in a tar oil bath.

These two procedures allow 6 types of impregnation among which to choose, depending on the requested use of the wooden poles or tree guards:

  • Creosote impregnation: It allows for the longest life of the posts, at least as long as the life of the plant, i.e. between 15 and 20 years. At Peter Müller we use only type C creosote. It has less residual smell compared to the other products from the same family.
  • Salt impregnation along the post’s full length: This protects against fungi, wet rot and insects. It is the perfect solvent for individual clients and for areas where people come often in contact with the posts.
  • Colour impregnation along the post’s full length: This impregnation offers the same protection as a classic salt impregnation. The difference is in the strength of colour of the finished product. Thanks to the colour pigmentations added to the treatment salts, the wood posts become brown instead of olive green.
  • Creosote treatment of the post’s foot: The upper part on the tree guard is left untreated, while its lower part is better protected.
  • Salt impregnation with foot in creosote: The most sensitive part of the post, its foot, receives better protection. This increases considerably the lifespan of the whole tree guard.
  • Colour salt impregnation with foot in creosote: The advantages are the same as for salt impregnation with foot in creosote. Instead of olive green, the post is brown.

DURAPost Tree guards for arboriculture: Peter Müller controls the production from A to Z

For more than 40 years, Peter Müller serves many clients from the sectors of fruit growing and agriculture in general. The factory has built its reputation thanks to the high quality of its products. It controls de facto the full manufacturing process – from the selection of wood to its impregnation under pressure and/or through dipping, through the peeling and drying of the wood.

Always listening to its clients, Peter Müller’s contributors put all elements in place to match its needs. The factory offers a vast choice of DURAPost posts and guards. It also responds to the specific demands of its clients.