Why Peter Müller

Why Peter Müller - Private clients
Why Peter Müller - Private clients

Why choose Peter Müller?

A personalized and proactive service

Choosing Peter Müller means going with a company that not only executes all requested work, but also takes the time to study together with you the best ways of further improving your project. Our services are adapted to your situation. If necessary, we could take the responsibility of measuring all on site, of preparing the plans and the assembly.

Experienced and competent advisers

A certain trade mark of our competence and experience are the 300 projects realized by our company each year. Our partners put all their skills and knowledge in service for your project, in order to produce the wooden construction of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our main aim.

Work of quality

Thanks to our modern machines and infrastructure, we deliver a quality job executed with extreme precision. During assembly, all parts fit perfectly to create a construction of both strength and endurance. Always aiming to satisfy you, we do not use anything else but raw material of the highest quality.

A large network of partnerships

Throughout the years we built a large partnership network that will execute, if you so wish, all supplementary tasks to your building project: architects, research workshops, indoor and outdoor carpenters, etc. These companies have won us over thanks to the quality of their work, their dedication and their motivation. Of course, you could call on to the craftsmen of your own choice if you prefer.

A clear cost and budget framework and fully respected deadlines

We know from experience that financial restrictions and keeping with deadlines are essential for our master craftsmen. We use your budget to its full advantage and will keep to all restrictions fixed in advance. Prior to the final stage of completion, we would fix a delivery deadline that we undertake to keep. If you so wish, some parts of your construction could be preassembled in our workshops in order to save precious time on site.