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Our Services - Professional Clients
Our Services - Professional Clients

Services tailored to measure for all professionals

Whether you are in search for a simple supplier or a real partner for your project, we adapt our service to your demands. This personalized support is priceless in our opinion. This is why you will have every flexibility in your choice from our variety of services. We adapt ourselves to your planning and your time restrictions. If, despite all effort, we cannot respond to your need, we would have the honesty to clearly let you know.

Notwithstanding the service you choose, our copartners support you throughout the project. Thanks to their experience and their knowledge of the machines, they will try to improve continually your project aiming at satisfying your every need.


If you wish, we will move around the building site and will take the measurements for your project. On the other hand, you could also deliver your own measurements.  We are fully able as well to apply digital measuring, which is especially important for complex building projects or for renovation works.

Design in 3D with Cadwork

The software Cadwork allows the creation of a model of your construction in 3D. It also offers the option of creating a PDF file in 3D – this way you can visualize your project in all angles. The definitive plans would be submitted to your for approval before the work begins. Finally, the assembly drawings are prepared in format A3 and plastered in order to sustain the Belgian weather once they are taken to the building site.

We can also prepare detailed plans for the production of the metal parts whose production we could order from one of our suppliers as well as lists of invoices and charges.

Endurance study

Our partner research offices can take over the endurance trials according to normative requirements (Eurocode 5) of strength, wear and tear. As an addition to the measurement of the support frame, we could offer you a plan at the level of the concrete base, we could specify the necessary fastenings, calculate the wind bracing and propose solutions that reflect as much stability and security as esthetic appearance.


Sharing our experience and helping you find answers to the daily challenges of the building process in multiple areas like stability, building frame, acoustics, water and air tightness, dampness protection, fire resistance, insulation, calculating dew point temperature and Wufi energy index: all this is part of our duty of service.

Manufacturing your projects on Hundegger K2+

High precision manufacture is achieved thanks to our digital machine Hundegger. Every part is provided with a number that you would find also on the assembly instructions. We research the conditioning in a logical manner. The steal parts are already assembled in the workshop while all metalwork is wrapped in watertight packaging, ready to be sent to the building site.

Treatment under pressure

Wood parts can be impregnated under pressure with salt or coloured salts, depending on your needs.


We do the assembly of framework parts and fencing in the workshop by fixing an OSB panel and making them watertight if you need it.  That way you can reduce significantly the time spent on the outdoor site and the risks associated with the changes in the weather.


We could also supply wood KVHr, with stuck-on metal border, panels (OSB, Fermacell, wood fiber, multilayered etc), metalwork, insulation, paneling, cladding and much more.


We can organise the transport to and maintenance on site, on the day and time that suit you best.

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Our Services - Professional Clients
Our Services - Professional Clients